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Below you will find the links to the CraftLit episodes where we listen to The Scarlet Letter.

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124, 125, and 126
127: Ch 2 - Scarlet Letter
128--She Will Not Speak!
129--129 and I'm Out of Title Ideas!
130--But I Hate Embroidery!
131--Pearls Before Swine...flu?
132--Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
133--Eek! A Leech!
134--Free to Be Crafty
135--Time! Where Hast Thou Gone?
136--Galloping Galapagos!
137--It Is Finished (not TSL, my novel!)
138--Can You Hear Me NOW?
139--Tick Tock
140--Reaching the Summit
142--But Is It Ahhht?
143--Is It Over Yet?
144--The Scarlet Letter • Annotated Audiobook
145--A Conundrum Inside an Enigma Wrapped in a Kumquat
147--The Final Shoe
148--Be True! Be True!


Today we end The Scarlet Letter

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