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Below you will find the links to the CraftLit episodes where we listen to A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.

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172-Back. Saddle. You Know the Drill.-Connecticut Yankee
173-Seneschal v Morholt-Connecticut Yankee
174-A Believing Athiest-Connecticut Yankee
176-A Quest!-Connecticut Yankee
177-The Hours-Connecticut Yankee
178-A Case of the Fantods-Connecticut Yankee
179-Exeunt Pursued by Bear-Connecticut Yankee
180-CraftLit, meet Bard. Bard, meet CraftLit-Connecticut Yankee
181-Ambivalent Commitment-Connecticut Yankee
182-Impacted-Connecticut Yankee
184-Wish You Were There-Connecticut Yankee
185-Fall Bounty-Connecticut Yankee
186-A Cup of Tea-Connecticut Yankee
187 - Rumbly Grumbly - Connecticut Yankee
188: Parts 1-2 - End of Connecticut Yankee

Chapters 39-44–the end of the book!

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