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  1. cath says:

    WoW–started listening to the interview episode this week, but haven’t had a chance to finish it yet. Here I sit having my tea and reading the Nov 10, 2014 issue of the New Yorker, and in an article that started off being about athletic performance (Better all the Time, James Surowiecki), we get into talking about teacher performance–and Elizabeth Green’s new book!! Very cool.

  2. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU! This was amazing.

    (It does cut out on Stitcher as well)

    My children (6 and 3)attend a magnet school in Connecticut. It is a public school but you go through a lottery to attend. The focus of this particular school is the Garder’s Multiple Intelligences. (You can read about that at
    We just had a math curriculum night last week for parents to get a introduction to Common Core and to see what our children are learning and how to be a part of that learning. It was eye opening to me and incredibly insightful, especially the wake of a lot of bad press and misunderstanding about the Common Core.
    I listened to this interview and thought “Yes, that is what they do at the kids’ school.” I found the whole interview fascinating and really made me think more into how I was taught versus the education my children are getting. I’ve already put a book on hold at our Library.

    Thank you Heather for a wonderful interview that I think everyone in this country should listen to, whether they have children or not. I’ll be directing our principal to the podcast.


    • Heather says:

      Wow!!! That is FanTASTIC!!! How lucky your kids are–and the parents, too–at that school!

      And I am so glad you liked the interview! I had a LOT of fun talking to Elizabeth Green.

  3. Hooray! My library has a copy, and I have it on reserve. I’m excited that there are tips on leading group work, that’s not easy for children, or committees of grown ups either.

    This fall I’ve been teaching knitting at my homeschool co-op, and constantly had to stop myself from grabbing the needles from the little girls to show them the right way to form the stitches, when what I really needed to see was what it was theywere doing to increase double the stitches per row.

    The class (largely due to my helper) has been progressing calmly; half the children can purl now, one third can cast on, one quarter have discovered yarn stashes to raid in their homes, some are even knitting during recess, and no one is crying. Not even me.

    But still, I hope this book comes in on reserve before the semester ends.


    • Heather says:

      It is TOTALLY the hardest switch to move from, “here, let me show you…” to, “wait, sit here and show ME…” But SO so wonderful when it becomes part of your DNA.

      And is almost always impossible to do if you have a class of more than 20 without an aide.

      I was very honored to get a chance to interview Elizabeth Greene with Nathan. Fun, helpful, and hopeful.

  4. Jennifer L says:

    This was wonderful to listen to. Mine seems to have gotten cut off – so I’m going to try to download it in the app again. I’m off to buy the book now (actually came here so I could click through to Amazon with your link).

    • Heather says:

      Yes, the wrong file (sans intro and music and end music) went out first. Refreshing iTunes or app should fix. Awesome and VERY readable book!