Jeeves! [Premium Audio]

From the Fall 2017 until we run out of audio, we’ll be listening to PG Wodehouse’s Jeeves stories whenever we need to fill in a blank spot due to my traveling or when we’re between books and I’m in prep-mode for our next tome.

I’ve been trying to go in chronological order, so thus far our stories have been:

  • Episode 1: Man with Two Left Feet (1917), The Pessimist, Extricating Young Gussie (1915/1917)
  • Episode 2: The Unbidden Guest (1916/1919)
    • Charles Kingsley Farewell:
    • Old Oaken Bucket: history there,
      • and more here:
      • music box version:
      • clean 1914 version:
  • Episode 3: “Leave It to Jeeves” (1916) was rewritten and reprinted as “The Artistic Career of Corky” in Carry on, Jeeves (1925)