Got (our) Books?

I’ve usually got a lot of plates spinning— and have my whole life.


Screenshot cognitive anchoringIn January 2014, I began blogging a book on Cognitive Anchoring, detailing how knitting, crochet, and other automatic-hand-activities (doodling) positively affect the brain.

I travel around the country to talk to guilds, LYSs, and schools about how important it is to allow practitioners to engage in these activities during meetings and other places where we need to pay attention. We just have a lot of bandwidth that needs to be filled in order to attend. Just listening doesn’t do it—and the result is our minds get pulled to other things. It’s an easy fix and science is on our side as you’ll see in the book or at one of my talks.

You can have me come and speak to your guild, group, or school by booking time here. I also teach knitting classes which are also listed at my shop. Usually I combine a talk at night and a class the following day.


Of late, along with the CraftLit podcast, I’ve been writing books like these:




In the middle is my young adult novel, Grounded–The Seven. No vampires, werewolves, or dauntless teens. Rosie and her friends are flawed in ways that kids are and make mistakes like kids do—although, the sitautions they find themselves in are a bit bigger and tougher than most kids have to deal with.

The books on the left and right are the first two books in the What Would Madame Defarge Knit? series of kniting books. Combining a love of literature and a love of handicrafts, this book series has essays by the designers that accompany each pattern so you get a little insight into their design process and a great pattern to boot.  Defarge Does Shakespeare will be out later in 2014. Defarge Gets Medieval–Patterns Inspired by Chaucer and His Times has already gone into production.

Grounded was released in tandem with a book of sock patterns inspired by the main characters—plus a bonus pattern. Three of the pattens in the Novel Socks eBook are from me and the fabulous Defarge designer, Meg Warren of The March Hare, designed the rest. 



cover 2 copyRollow this button to pick up the PDF of Novel Socks
Novel Socks–a set of socks inspired by characters from Grounded

(Novel Socks is KnitCompanion-friendly, by the way).

And this button to pick up a copy of Grounded.
Grounded–The Seven, book 1—paperback


All Defarge books are also available at Cooperative Press.