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  1. Sheila says:

    Hi, I have just very recently found you and am very much enjoying quickly catching up on the chapters of Count of Monte Cristo, which is one of my old favorites, on my very frequent–weekly– airplane flghts as well as other times.
    Perhaps someone else has already called/written in to clarify Lutheran/Quaker comment, but I am still on chapter 73 and so far no-one, so here is my take.
    The text refers to the Count valuing his rings bestowed for service. He is said to value them, and value them as marks of service to Man (or Mankind) more than awards for destroying. I believe the comparison is between his rings for service to Man and the medals frequenty worn for acts in battle or service to the State (whichever state, France, England, etc) in manufacture of weaponry etc. so the response is “ah so then he is a Quaker”– that is, a believer in the sacredness of all humans and at least a certain level of pacifism. I am under the impression that at least some pacifism was in Quaker belief even in the early days. At the very least they did not glorify miliary accomlishments as did the larger societies in Europe, and preached the value of each life.. So the Count is called a Quaker because he values his rings for service to Man more than he would a medal for valor in war — which he would see as a feat of destruction of Man.
    Thanks, enjoying the episodes so much!