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  1. Kristin says:

    I just listened to this episode as I am getting caught up. I was actually listening in the shower (!) but I will not be taking a picture of that… 😉

    As I listened to your story tears began streaming down my face. I just thought – no, not again, not another. Too many friends, too many daughters, too many children…why so many? I just cried. And I’m crying as I write – which is why this is not a voicemail – I’m obviously not ashamed of my tears, I just know that my words might be hard to understand through the tears.

    I know so many people, and know of so many more, who have been assaulted. I think we all do. I am incredibly fortunate in that I have not been. The tears I shed were, therefore, not for me, but for you, for my students, for my friends, for all those who have been assaulted. And, more than anything, the tears are for my daughters. Like any mother, the thought terrifies me. My heart breaks not just because something might happen to them, but that they (and we) live in a world where it is all too common. Sometimes that Utopian world of Herland seems surprisingly tantalizing to this heterosexual woman and mother of daughters.

    • Heather says:

      Yes. Yes. And yes.
      No one who knows the statistics can feel any differently than you.
      I, however, am certain that your daughters are already better off. The highest assault rate is from those who are known, not from strangers. It’s the fear of being thought of as a witch-with-a-capital-B.
      I think girls are much stronger these days.

      And, of course, thank you. I’ve been very, very lucky. I have a wonderful husband and two boys who are kind and caring. I learned a lot and I learned to trust my instincts on who to and who not to trust. I wish I could have learned a different way, but at least I learned.

  2. Linda says:

    Hi Heather
    Thank you for this episode! I haven’t weighed in on the book debate because I really don’t know how to articulate my thoughts about the book. Maybe I will be able to do that once I process it a bit. I did just want to say to you that I am a big fan and a long time listener and even though Herland wasn’t a favourite it is something I am so glad you presented to us. And I am really glad I have now read. It really made me think and without your insights and commentary I would have been totally lost. I have also loved the dialogue it has sparked between us (yes – us! I do feel like part of a community even though there is an ocean between me and most of you all). And, you are so right about the way everyone has conducted the dialogue. I am so proud to be a part of this group of fabulous people and in my humble opinion that is all down to you! You are a marvellous model of kindness, understanding, intelligence and warmth and that must either rub off on people or at the very least attract like minded ones! Enough gushing. I love what you do and I thank you for it! Please don’t think you have to stop presenting possibly controversial topics. It seems your listeneners have shown they can handle it! Warm regards! Linda

  3. christina says:

    Heather, I am so, so, so, so sorry that that happened to you in college and that the girls reacted so wrongly and hurtfully. Thank you for sharing even though talking about it, especially in this context, was no doubt hard. I’m very glad your friend stood with you. Perhaps your courageous sharing will galvanize the CraftLit community to be such friends, should the unhappy need arise.

    Looking forward to Sense and Sensibility!