Stoker—241–Worth It?


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  1. Janice in GA says:

    You’ve got an error in your link to the Carolina Fiber Frolic — two i’s in Carolina.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Ehren Ziegler IS Dracula! What an amazing performance, and without a doubt the creepiest Dracula ever, the Lord of Darkness.

    The Biblical references were fascinating in this chapter. From Renfield’s account which echoed (perversely) Jesus in the desert being tempted by Satan to Dracula’s obscene rendition of marriage vows to Mina, and everything in between, they really made the vile seem even viler.

    To add to the discussion of what was going on in the bedroom– in an earlier chapter, after Mina has been excluded from the boys’ club and it is clear to us (but not the boys’ club) that she is being affected by Dracula, Jonathan reports that when he said goodnight to Mina before rejoining the boys, she was more than usually affectionate. I remember thinking that this was another clue to what was happening with her. It is possible, that under the influence of Dracula, (and remember he seems to be able to influence from a distance0 Mina was trying something vampy on Jonathan.