Stoker—234–Arrived Audibly


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  1. T.Crockett says:

    You briefly mentioned Movable Feast and it reminded me that I’ve been meaning to write to you about it since they first time you mentioned it (months ago now). I’m an English teacher and have never cared for Hemingway. I’ve wanted to like him, but in school I kept being assigned a short story he wrote about fishing that left me cold and based on that I decided he wasn’t for me. That last bit is a bit embarrassing, but it’s the truth.

    Your description of the behind the scene edits and revisions and putting back to rights of the version of Moveable Feast that you’re reading, got me intrigued. I got it from my library and loved it. I will certainly be reading more of his longer works.

    Thanks for helping me get past my Hemingway block. Now, any tips for diving into Moby Dick? That’s another one I’ve never read and really want to try.

  2. joycefischer says:

    I’ve been listening for about two years and I enjoy the show. It’s been purely for my own enjoyment–until now. I just got assigned to teach AP Lit as my first high school English class ever. I’ve been teaching ESL for 5 yrs, but this is my first opportunity to finally teach high school English, which is where I have certification.

    I’ve read enough of the recommended books to easily plan the reading for the semester. But having read them isn’t the same as teaching them. I’ll be perusing the show notes for any hot tips. But I would appreciate it if Heather or any of the listeners would make suggestions for websites that they have found to be very helpful for AP English. There’s plenty out there online, it’s finding the good stuff that takes time–which I haven’t got. The class starts January 30.

    I posted on Ravelry, too. I hope I get some hot tips from veteran teachers. I am in Korea teaching at a very small international school in a small town. So, I can’t just run to the library–well, I could but I wouldn’t be able to read anything there. Ha ha–gotta keep a sense of humor.

    Thanks in advance!

    • joycefischer says:

      I found AP Central! It has everything I need. In case anyone else is in the same boat, just google it. It has course outlines, criteria, teacher’s guides, book recommendations, and more information than you will ever have time to use. Yeah!

  3. Kati says:

    Where is the player? Is it just me or is it missing? Hope it comes back!

    • Heather says:

      Did you click the “read more” link at the bottom of the entry?
      If so, do you see an “audio” link? Even if the player isn’t showing up, that audio link will play the episode.
      It’s not just you, however, _I_ am not seeing the player either. The code THINKS it’s there, though. I’m going to fiddle with a few things and see if I can figure this out out, but that’s exactly why I try to put the “audio” link next to the “Book talk begins at…” note. I don’t trust the player.

      • Kati says:

        Thanks, I see it now. I’ll remember the link for future reference, thanks for explaining. Now I can get back to Dracula…….:) Happy holidays!!!

  4. Prue Hill says:

    If you still need a hat block, get in touch with the Potomac Fibre Arts Guild. They had a Hat Study Group for a couple of years. Last time I visited the group was just off to the estate sale of a hat maker and they were anticipating stocking up.

    I can give you more details if you need them.