239–Where My Kids At?


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  1. Cheryl says:

    I’m loving Dracula! My favorite is to finish listening to the chapter (sometimes repeating the whole chapter) while I’m laying in bed with all the lights off. Adds to the macabre! The perk to not listening in real time, is I can listen to a chapters as fast as I want. I need to be on the My Crazy Obsession TV show. I’m obsessed. It “scratches my itch” for reading, and I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve been really really itchy due to lack of actual eyes on book time.

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi Heather!

    What a frustrating episode! LOL! So, after all of the detailed notes and for all the observant men around her, poor Mina suddenly appears pale and tired and asks for something to help her sleep and no one notices. And I’m a little frustrated with her too because, even though the possibility exists that she’s been influenced by Dracula, she’s of sound enough mind to jot the strange things down. Why not in that manner just confide in her husband that weird things are starting to happen? Oh, right, they all decided that she was too weak to help them in any form or fashion – never mind that she was clever enough to put so many other clues together and clever enough to win the high praise of Van Helsing himself! Either way, this group decision to exclude her was probably necessary to push the story along because whether she was directly involved in the sleuthing or not, she was still in danger. I believe that Count Dracula on seeing them snooping around (and really, what are the odds they would all be having the same hallucination of a face in the dark??) would take revenge on Jonathan for 1. escaping and 2. messing with him 3. just because he’s evil.

    Another few points from previous episodes… it’s never sat well with me how these three men, who seemed to be friends before Lucy, all proposed to her. They seemed to be men of honour etc etc, so why would they all propose to her if she was being exclusive with at the maximum one of them? What would make them think that they all had a chance? Was Lucy leading all of them on? Didn’t they know before hand about at least Arthur and her relationship? So strange!

    And also, why, when Lucy was sick, would Van Helsing and Seward bathe her?? Weren’t her maids out and about then? Why didn’t they let them bathe her? So inappropriate (unless I misread that part).

    Further, it was also a head scratching moment for me when Arthur spent so much time with his dying father as opposed to his dying fiance. I would have thought that the natural response would be to stay with Lucy and let family send word if his father was getting worse. Such a strange relationship!

    Lastly, for such a big strapping man, I find Arthur very soft. When he cries he hides his face in his hands and on more than one occasion someone had to hold him up. How he cried against Mina’s breast was a tad embarrassing to listen to. And they allow HIM to be a part of the “hunt down and kill Dracula” possee. Not a back handed comment about Mina, but truly, due to her smarts alone, it would be better for her to be with them than Arthur. Ah well!

    Enjoying it though. I am reading it on my kindle as well.

    • Heather says:

      I’m absolutely certain Mina could whup Arthur in a bar fight.
      No doubt.
      There’s a reason she’s in the “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”!

      As for the head scratching… yeah… you bring up good points. Some is just the way things were, and some, I’m betting is Stoker. Having multiple suitors certainly shows up often in literature so I’m willing to bet it happened for the prettiest girls. Even though the men (or at least Seward) never say it, I’m willing to bet it was understood that three men like them would “enjoy the challenge of the hunt” as it were. “And may the best man win”… Lucy.

      And Arthur’s dad was passing down title, home, and money. I think Arthur probably put his body where his money was in this instance.

      I like that.