Hangout with CraftLit!

What’s the one thing listeners always say when I meet them in person?

I talk to you all the time but you never hear what I have to say!

Well, now technology finally allows us to talk to each other face to face!

Nine people per session will be able to meet with me on Google Hangout

  • Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 @8:30am EDT
  • Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 @1:30pm EDT
  • Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 @9:30pm EDT

During three sessions—dates and times listed below by zones I’ll host an hour-long+, online, face-to-face book discussion about The Age of Innocence! YAY!

This is what the Hangout looks like.
This is what the Hangout looks like.

I KNOW you all have thoughts and ideas that you’re saying to me while you’re listening—but on the Hangout I’ll be able to hear and respond and laugh and tell you how awesome you are!

So join us in the Hangout and

  • I’ll lead a discussion where we get to dish about The Age of Innocence;
  • you’ll get to see and hear me — and other CraftLit/Just the Books listeners (who, as you know, are all just the best people ever);
  • you’ll get a recording of our session so you can listen to your genius over and over and over;
  • you’ll get a copy of the enhanced Age of Innocence EeBook;
  • you’ll finally get to say all the stuff you say while you listen—and see what I say back <giggle>;
  • plus you’ll get all the feel-good smarts of a book club, without getting out of your PJs! SCORE!

Lord knows, there’s no reason to get gussied up for this! Bring yourself, bring a glass of wine or a cuppa and lets sit and chat the way the Internet always dreamed book lovers would do!

I will email you our starter discussion questions when you sign up, but unlike the monologue of the podcast, this will be a discussion. I imagine we’ll wend all over as we chat—but we’ll be sticking to The Age of Innocence as a general topic on this chat.

Since this will be a video chat (though if you don’t want to be seen you don’t have to use video) you’ll need:

  • some way to listen (headphones or earbuds so you don’t create a wicked feedback loop), and
  • some way to talk (internal or external mic). Internal mics are automatically part of any computer that has a built in camera.

Once you sign up you’ll have a chance to tell me what email to use for your Google Hangout invitation and I’ll send you an invite!

Steps to Join In

  • first, check your system—be sure you have headphones and a mic, that your computer can handle a Google Hangout (check tech specifications here), and that your email can handle a Google Hangout (email me if you want to test your system).
  • second, reserve by acting now—first nine signups will be confirmed via email invitation within 24 hours. Follow the appropriate “add to cart” link below! Signing up includes the 60+ min hangout and includes your copy of the Age of Innocence enhanced eBook.
  • third, confirm—the confirmation email you receive will include a Yes/No/Maybe option. Click “yes”. If you find you can’t make it, click “no” and email me to let me re-open the slot.
  • fourth, show up—begin the “entering” process at least five minutes before our start time to ensure that you have your camera and audio working (check the “gear” icon in the upper right corner of the screen)—and that the Google Hangout audio setting is routing incoming audio through your headphones instead of your computer’s speakers (but you don’t have to have a camera; I won’t force you).

Click button below to register for Session 1, 8:30am EDT Wednesday 14-August-2013 (see time zone table for what the time will be for you):

PATREON is the answer!

All online face-to-face sessions are now coordinated on Check the donation levels and sign up for the one with the chats!

Time Zone Tables

Reference Zone: US/Eastern
Reference Time: 08:30:00

Add this to the
reference zone
( Days:Hours:
Minutes:Seconds )
To get the time
in this zone
Local Time DST in effect?
-00:04:00:00 America/Anchorage 04:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:01:00:00 America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires 09:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
-00:02:00:00 America/Denver 06:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:00:00:00 America/Indiana/Indianapolis 08:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
-00:04:00:00 America/Juneau 04:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
-00:03:00:00 America/Los_Angeles 05:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:00:00:00 America/New_York 08:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
-00:03:00:00 America/Phoenix 05:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
+00:00:00:00 America/Santo_Domingo 08:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
+00:12:00:00 Asia/Beijing 20:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
+00:08:00:00 Asia/Dubai 16:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
+00:11:00:00 Asia/Jakarta 19:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
+00:13:00:00 Asia/Seoul 21:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
+00:12:00:00 Asia/Shanghai 20:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
+00:07:00:00 Asia/Tel_Aviv 15:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:13:00:00 Asia/Tokyo 21:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
+00:05:00:00 Atlantic/Faroe 13:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:14:00:00 Australia/Melbourne 22:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
+00:12:00:00 Australia/Perth 20:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
+00:14:00:00 Australia/Sydney 22:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
+00:06:00:00 Europe/Amsterdam 14:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:06:00:00 Europe/Berlin 14:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:06:00:00 Europe/Copenhagen 14:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:05:00:00 Europe/Dublin 13:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:07:00:00 Europe/Helsinki 15:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:05:00:00 Europe/London 13:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:08:00:00 Europe/Moscow 16:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
+00:06:00:00 Europe/Stockholm 14:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:06:00:00 Europe/Vienna 14:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:06:00:00 Europe/Warsaw 14:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:04:00:00 Iceland 12:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
-00:06:00:00 Pacific/Honolulu 02:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no

* * *

Session 2, Wednesday 21-August-2013 1:30pm EDT:

Reference Zone: US/Eastern
Reference Time: 13:30:00

Add this to the
reference zone
( Days:Hours:
Minutes:Seconds )
To get the time
in this zone
Local Time DST in effect?
-00:04:00:00 America/Anchorage 09:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:01:00:00 America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires 14:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
-00:02:00:00 America/Denver 11:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:00:00:00 America/Indiana/Indianapolis 13:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
-00:04:00:00 America/Juneau 09:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
-00:03:00:00 America/Los_Angeles 10:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:00:00:00 America/New_York 13:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
-00:03:00:00 America/Phoenix 10:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
+00:00:00:00 America/Santo_Domingo 13:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
+00:12:00:00 Asia/Beijing 01:30:00 6-Jun-2013 no
+00:08:00:00 Asia/Dubai 21:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
+00:11:00:00 Asia/Jakarta 00:30:00 6-Jun-2013 no
+00:13:00:00 Asia/Seoul 02:30:00 6-Jun-2013 no
+00:12:00:00 Asia/Shanghai 01:30:00 6-Jun-2013 no
+00:07:00:00 Asia/Tel_Aviv 20:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:13:00:00 Asia/Tokyo 02:30:00 6-Jun-2013 no
+00:05:00:00 Atlantic/Faroe 18:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:14:00:00 Australia/Melbourne 03:30:00 6-Jun-2013 no
+00:12:00:00 Australia/Perth 01:30:00 6-Jun-2013 no
+00:14:00:00 Australia/Sydney 03:30:00 6-Jun-2013 no
+00:06:00:00 Europe/Amsterdam 19:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:06:00:00 Europe/Berlin 19:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:06:00:00 Europe/Copenhagen 19:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:05:00:00 Europe/Dublin 18:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:07:00:00 Europe/Helsinki 20:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:05:00:00 Europe/London 18:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:08:00:00 Europe/Moscow 21:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
+00:06:00:00 Europe/Stockholm 19:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:06:00:00 Europe/Vienna 19:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:06:00:00 Europe/Warsaw 19:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:04:00:00 Iceland 17:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
-00:06:00:00 Pacific/Honolulu 07:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no

* * *

Session 3, Wednesday 28-August-2013 9:30pm EDT:

Reference Zone: US/Eastern
Reference Time: 21:30:00

Add this to the
reference zone
( Days:Hours:
Minutes:Seconds )
To get the time
in this zone
Local Time DST in effect?
-00:04:00:00 America/Anchorage 17:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:01:00:00 America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires 22:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
-00:02:00:00 America/Denver 19:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:00:00:00 America/Indiana/Indianapolis 21:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
-00:04:00:00 America/Juneau 17:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
-00:03:00:00 America/Los_Angeles 18:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
+00:00:00:00 America/New_York 21:30:00 5-Jun-2013 yes
-00:03:00:00 America/Phoenix 18:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
+00:00:00:00 America/Santo_Domingo 21:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no
+00:12:00:00 Asia/Beijing 09:30:00 6-Jun-2013 no
+00:08:00:00 Asia/Dubai 05:30:00 6-Jun-2013 no
+00:11:00:00 Asia/Jakarta 08:30:00 6-Jun-2013 no
+00:13:00:00 Asia/Seoul 10:30:00 6-Jun-2013 no
+00:12:00:00 Asia/Shanghai 09:30:00 6-Jun-2013 no
+00:07:00:00 Asia/Tel_Aviv 04:30:00 6-Jun-2013 yes
+00:13:00:00 Asia/Tokyo 10:30:00 6-Jun-2013 no
+00:05:00:00 Atlantic/Faroe 02:30:00 6-Jun-2013 yes
+00:14:00:00 Australia/Melbourne 11:30:00 6-Jun-2013 no
+00:12:00:00 Australia/Perth 09:30:00 6-Jun-2013 no
+00:14:00:00 Australia/Sydney 11:30:00 6-Jun-2013 no
+00:06:00:00 Europe/Amsterdam 03:30:00 6-Jun-2013 yes
+00:06:00:00 Europe/Berlin 03:30:00 6-Jun-2013 yes
+00:06:00:00 Europe/Copenhagen 03:30:00 6-Jun-2013 yes
+00:05:00:00 Europe/Dublin 02:30:00 6-Jun-2013 yes
+00:07:00:00 Europe/Helsinki 04:30:00 6-Jun-2013 yes
+00:05:00:00 Europe/London 02:30:00 6-Jun-2013 yes
+00:08:00:00 Europe/Moscow 05:30:00 6-Jun-2013 no
+00:06:00:00 Europe/Stockholm 03:30:00 6-Jun-2013 yes
+00:06:00:00 Europe/Vienna 03:30:00 6-Jun-2013 yes
+00:06:00:00 Europe/Warsaw 03:30:00 6-Jun-2013 yes
+00:04:00:00 Iceland 01:30:00 6-Jun-2013 no
-00:06:00:00 Pacific/Honolulu 15:30:00 5-Jun-2013 no

* * *

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Thank you so much!

I can’t wait to actually SEE you!