Swift—259–It Never Rains But It—


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  1. penny says:

    Hi Heather, you’re close on what’s being discussed in the middle of a talmud page. It isn’t actually debating the torah as written, starting with the first lines of bereshit (genesis). A page of talmud expands upon the mishnah, which is itself a debate of the oral law, a study book of law if you will. It follows a different order than you are familiar with in the torah.

    There is a nice clickable page of talmud at this site and there is more at this site.

  2. Tammy says:

    Hi Heather! I don’t know if you’ve already seen this, but it made me giggle. (It’s about Bram Stoker, with apologies to Mr. Swift for leaving comments about other men on one of his chapters.)


  3. Caroline says:

    I read Death Comes to Pemberley! It was extremely enjoyable and very well written.

    • Heather says:

      Yay Pemberly!!!!
      I’m actually wearing an “I Mr Darcy” shirt (thank you Dianne!)
      So glad you liked it too!