The CraftLit Family

It has become ridiculously apparent that—what with CraftLit people being better—you’re also rawther prolific.

As a way to pool our resources and share the benefit of your genius, please take a moment to toot your own horn, as it were, in the comments below—name; book, movie or pattern title; links; the whole shebang. I’ll pull your posts up and add to this page, organizing alphabetically, whenever I have a sec. In doing so we will create a Compendium of CraftLit Classics and widen our net of support for the wonderful things y’all are doing.



  • Margaret (Sneakybeaky on Rav) Rubiano


  • Melissa Weaver Dunning and yes, I am a weaver! I also spin, knit, dye, and teach all these things for local and national guilds and at the John C Campbell Folk School and The Mannings. And I love books — CraftLit has been a tremendous source of entertainment and enlightenment for me.
    You can see more about my classes on my blog–, where I try to post about most of my classes and various other things, like the 50 Breed Fleece Study.