What’s CraftLit?

CraftLit® is a free podcast for readers whose hands are too busy to hold a book.

Do I need to be crafty to listen?

  • No.

Do I need to like books?

  • Yep.

The podcast’s format is an Audiobook-with-Benefits™. You’ll hear light-crafty talk first, then the host, Heather Ordover, ‘gently teaches’ the next chapter(s) of a piece of classical fiction—currently Sense & Sensibility, by Jane Austen (contemporary and friend of Charlotte BrontĂ«).

How Do I Listen?
You can click How to Subscribe above for detailed instructions, subscribe at iTunes, or DIY and click on Library above for links to all mp3 files.

  • Players appear at the bottom of each shownotes page and above each player you’ll see a time code, telling you when the crafty talk is over and the book talk begins.
  • All shownotes can be easily accessed via the Library page.


This is an excellent podcast–well-produced, interesting literary choices, reflective, entertaining and charmingly hosted by a velvety-voiced refreshingly adult Ms. Ordover. (There are just so many shrieking, giggling dilettantes I can manage, thank you.) Right up there with Cast-On. I am absolutely addicted.
–Madame Leiderhosen

I’m completely addicted to CraftLit. It’s the first ‘cast I click on when I update my iPod, and I find busywork until the episode is over. I love the background Heather gives on each author or story; she’s inspired me to get into some older literature that I otherwise wouldn’t have made time for or studied. Hearing about her crafting projects is fun, too, but really? It’s her voice. Smooth, calm, velvety, but with a sense of humor bubbling beneath the surface…I can listen for hours.

If your passions are yarn and books…this is the podcast for you. Informative topics and a great read at the same time. It’s great!

CraftLit is one of my favorite podcasts. There is never a bad time to listen. Heather Ordover’s voice fits all moods. She is thoughtful, funny, concise, gives good knitting information AND gives great information on the literature read. I’ve never had an English teacher make me read a book (??), so this is a nice introduction to that. I am over 30, but to have her clue me in on the stories really helps–and makes me enjoy them more. Great great great.
–Lilly Bell

I started at the beginning because I adore Mr. Darcy & had to hear P&P again. I am not a knitter, but after listening to so many episodes I have been bitten by the knitting bug! I like everything about this podcast–especially Heather’s voice!

Heather had the most fabulous idea here! If you love books and/or crafting then this is the podcast for you. I work at the type of job where I can listen while I work so I like to listen to podcasts. Once I stumbled upon this podcast by way of the Stars Hollow Podcast which led to An Old Fashioned Girl podcast which led me here…Whoa. Long story short, I’m addicted and I’m sure if you check it out you will be too. Heather’s great and she has so much knowledge to share with the world! I’m glad that she has a podcast to do that with.