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What is Premium Audio?

  • Premium Audio is a Membership program that let’s you get even more annotated audiobooks during the year.

How often does Premium Audio come out?

  • At least three Saturdays a month (although the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years can be a little more sketchy and irregular).

Is there a crafty chat segment in Premium Audio?

  • Nope. Just the annotated audiobooks, no craftiness.

How do I get Premium Audio?

  • There are three ways you can listen to Premium Audio.
    • Streaming-you can stream the audio when it’s released by using the CraftLit app or the Premium site at Sign in either place and you’ll unlock the goodness.
    • Downloading-you can sign up for a Download-only Membership via this site. Once the PayPal process is completed, you’ll be taken to a page where you sign up for a newsletter. That’s how you’ll get the link and password to the page with all the downloadable audio.
    • Patreon-If you’re already supporting your favorite content creators over at, then you might want to add CraftLit to your list. Any support you pledge above $5 gets you the premium audio (via Patreon’s site or the downloading page)

Do I have access to the audio forever?

  • Not quite forever, but a good long time. Somewhere between six months and a year after a book has completed its run, books will be retired to our shop. However, members will have access to coupon codes where they can get the retired audio from the Podshop at a discount.

How Much is the Membership?

  • Only $5 a month.

Do I get anything else?

  • I used to send out patterns when I completed them, but honestly, two podcasts and full-time work doesn’t leave me much time for extras. If I DO have something special to share, I will. More than likely, Members will get a sneak peek of the Grounded audiobook and its sequel, Shattered, when it’s completed.

The #1 Question We’re Asked

Which Membership is right for me?

The Answer begins with other questions:

Will you listen on
a smart phone or tablet?

If yes, then you want a Streaming Membership.

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iOS • Android
Windows 8
more on this below

Do you want to be able to download the audio files?

If yes, then you have two options for a Download-only Membership: or here.

  • Go to
  • sign up at the $5 (or more) level.
  • You’ll be able to access the audio at the Patreon site itself (or even use their free app to stream).

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Not interested in Patreon?

No worries! We now have a viable membership system on this site, so:

  • if you don’t want to sign up through Patreon
  • or if you want to pay annually or by check

Visit this page to begin a Download-Only Premium Membership right here.

If you can’t access the pay by check option let me know!


There is no way to download streamable content on the app (iOS, Android, or Windows smart devices).

If you use an iPod or mp3 player to listen (as opposed to a smartphone) you will want the download-only membership.

Already a member?

Sign in here!

CraftLit Premium Audiobooks

If you aren’t a premium subscriber but still want to listen to specific premium books you can purchase them as individual audiobooks when they are completed via the CraftLit Podshop.