In Which Our Tale Begins…

  • Satire, Short stories, Suspense

You'll need to know a few things, like... What's a blunderbuss? This, this is a blunderbuss. This is Chuck. Who was Mrs. Southcott? She was an English spiritualist.

Genre:Satire ,Short stories ,Suspense

Title:In Which Our Tale Begins…


Speaker:Heather Oldover

Episodes:10 episodes


What was the Cock-Lane Ghost?
One of the first ever psychic scams. Read about it. You’ll find MANY different versions on the web.

This is the issue of Spin-Off that I need two bloody pages from…here’s the Sock thing from Stasia which I thought was very helpful. Check out Pandora and

And in both the “any publicity is good publicity” and the “I’ve never heard of an idea so dangerous it couldn’t be talked about” departments–the Librarians have lost their minds! Anyone remember Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret? Anyone? Anyone?

And if you have the travel bug:
West Coast Folks. East Coast Folks.

And don’t forget–WWMDFK?
(What Would Madame DeFarge Knit?)

Think on’t.

Thanks to our readers Michael Sirois and Kara Shalinberg.

And, finally:
Spinneret’s cogent and I think important note on “Screw”:
Booktalk begins at 24:50. Listen to 43 audio


  • Episode 23
  • 46 min 03 sec
  • Episode 19
  • 45 min 50 sec

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