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Originally Released December 14, 2017

A Little Book of Christmas: “The Child Who Had Everything But –” and “Santa Claus And Little Billee”

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A Little Book of Christmas

John Kendrick Bangs (May 27, 1862 – January 21, 1922) was an American author, humorist, editor and satirist. Columbia university, Harper’s magazineS (he worked on or for many), New Metropolitan magazine, and Puck—this guy got around.

The Child Who Had Everything But —

–Hobble skirt
–Finger curls
–“psyche knot”
slumming parties and a NYTimes article you can get if you have a subscription: Slumming In This Town. A Fashionable London Mania Reaches New-York. Slumming Parties To Be The Rage This Winter. Good Districts To Visit. Mrs. Langtry As A Slummer New York Times. September 14, 1884
–mrs pardigal
—Playing marbles: aggies, alleys, and mibs

Santa Claus And Little Billee
Sandwich boards
Telephone “Station”

Scotland June 2108
Final payment 15th of March
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