516: Start of Tenant of Wildfell Hall




We Meet Again



  • Daguerrotype or not? – ALL the research here
  • Beckett and Susan over at The History Chicks podcast weighing in on The Brontës and their newer podcast The ReCappery
    • I’ve got to ask Beckett if she saw the Micarah Tewes video (https://youtu.be/_sBqqERMblo) on how WRONG the costumes are in the new Little Women (focus on costumes comes after her disclaimer—around 5 min.) —why wrong? Because NO BONNETS?!?!?! (14 min)—um…prepare yourself for speed of speech before watching. She has a…unique and modern way of editing the way Overly Sarcastic Productions has a unique and modern way of editing. Smart. Fast. Really fast.
  • Documentary on Brontë family recommended by History Chicks.


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