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Our Current Annotated Audiobook: Anne of Green Gables

Wish you’d read those books in school that everyone’s always referring to?
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Stick an annotated audiobook in your ear and get your classics without pain.

Every week CraftLit® will deliver a bit of crafty chat plus the next chapters of an Annotated Audiobook. Host, Heather Ordover, will take you through the tricky bits of a classic so you don’t get flummoxed. After the book-chat you’ll listen to the actual book audio for that week’s chapter.

Classic Lit without pain!

Don’t want the crafty chat? You’ll hear a chapter number and a time code at the start of each episode so you can fast-forward straight to the book talk.


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The Count of Monte Cristo Annotated AudiobookAnne of Green Gables

by Lucy Maud Montgomery

begins with episode 477.

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