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Originally released December 19, 2017

Sixth Day…

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Thank you Librivox.org.

Elizabeth Anderson

And that’s all she wrote!

Goblin Christmas

Read by: Linda Ferguson 6:45

Abbie Phillips Walker (1867 – 1951)

And that’s all we’ve got on her.

Why Santa Claus was Late

Read by: David Lawrence

Elizabeth Harrison


Little Gretchen and the Wooden Shoe

Read by: Alyssa McCaslan

Rebecca Sophia Clarke (February 22, 1833-August 10, 1906)

also known as Sophie May, was an American author of children’s fiction. She also wrote under the pseudonym Ellis Towne.

Lill’s Travels in Santa Claus Land (1878)

Read by: Jan MacGillvray  Just a sweet little story of a child’s Christmas dream – 19th Century fan fiction.

Sara L. Guerin

That’s it.

How the Secretary of the Treasury Once Played Santa Claus (a true story) 

Read by: Heather

Winnifred E. Lincoln

Nada mas.

Little Girl’s Christmas

Read by: Alissa 13.37

The old Christmas Carol audio files that can be played on any computer or mp3 player are here:

Read by Glen Halstrom for Librivox

A Christmas Carol

* in prose, being a ghost story of Christmas by Charles Dickens

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Next Book: Anne of Green Gables January 2018

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